Lou-Ann Gibson is the Director of HR Sustain, a local business partnering with other business owners and leaders to align their operational activity and strategic goals in order to improve their performance and profitability.  

Lou-Ann has over twenty years of business and consulting experience within Australia and the UK including senior management roles.  Lou-Ann has worked across a number of industries including financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and hospitality and has vast experience in areas of coaching and training, organisational planning and measurement, business and HR strategy, performance planning and review and workplace improvement initiatives. 

Lou-Ann has led change processes and implemented innovative solutions during her career.  She is a Member of the Australian Human Resource Institute an Accredited DiSC profiler as well as an Accredited HR Coach and member of the HR Coach Network. 

Utilising simple and effective tools HR Sustain will partner with businesses for the mutual goal of unlocking business success.  Lou-Ann is committed to helping businesses find clarity to ensure sustainability and growth.